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.:EPR:. Clan - People who Own

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Members List

Here are our members

Master Elites (ME)

.:EPR:. The Donut Man (ME)

.:EPR:. Angel Of Death (ME)

.:EPR:. Milkoy (ME)

.:EPR:. Davik (ME)

.:EPR:. Hazzarina (ME)

.:EPR:. Dragunov (ME)

Cleric Elites

.:EPR:. EVOlution343 (CE)

.:EPR:. Clam! (CE)

.:EPR:. Psychotic (CE)

.:EPR:. Khain (CE)

.:EPR:. Predator (CE)

.:EPR:. Eastwood (CE)

Just say what you want! And if you want to join our Clan, please put this. Also state your Email address so we can email you back if we need to.

The time sponsered by Evo is: